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New Docs Can Apply To Medicare Earlier!

In Uncategorized on May 10, 2012 at 3:47 pm

CMS, after considerable pressure from many medical and billing advocacy groups and organizations, has announced a change in its provider enrollment process that will allow providers to enroll in Medicare up to 60 days prior to their start date. Until now, providers were prohibited from enrolling in Medicare more than 30 days prior to their start date.  This is great news, which will only enhance providers’ ability to recoup funds for services provided to patients.

 The announcement is included in a MedLearn Matters article released earlier today. The new policy is effective May 14th.

 The new policy does not apply to:

                         (a) providers and suppliers submitting a Form CMS-855A application, 
                        (b) Ambulatory Surgical Centers (ASCs), or 
                        (c) Portable X-ray Suppliers (PXRSs)

Please contact M.E.D.I.C., Inc. should you have any questions.

reprinted in substance with permission of HBMA